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The Basics of Feng Shui and Magic House

International Tele-Conference   Saturday - February 27, 2016  10:00 AM   (Pacific Time)


Make your home a magnetizer for wealth, health and happiness!

Feng Shui is the ancient art and science that reveals how to balance…


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New Year’s Eve Blast Off Party! Live International Teleconference $1

Come join us to ring in the New Year with this super energized live celebration!

This event will include many light infusions of prosperity, creativity and higher consciousness for your journey ahead. This LIVE teleconference is designed to upgrade and prepare you…


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Dream: Becoming Barefoot


I had this dream last night and thought I’d share it with all of you for your responses to it. Have you ever had a dream that was so real you thought you were awake? And, so full of information you were sure it…


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This Dark Night of the Soul


It’s a trip of a lifetime, so I’m told.

No stranger to me, this Dark Night of the Soul.

I’ve had one, lasted 12 years long.

Emerged into new life, more like a symphony than a song.

What you feel inside is…


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“I Do All of the Giving in My Relationship”

Response to a question from a reader.

Lana:  I do all of the giving in my relationship with my boyfriend and all he cares about is himself.  He’s rude and totally self-centered.  I feel down on myself for not standing up for myself.  I’d appreciate some advice on what I should do.

Jane: You're talking as though your response is an objective reality response.  I suggest you consider that it is, instead, an emotionally triggered response.  The issue for you…


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4 Organic Ways How to Avoid Make-up Sins During the Holidays and Create Healthy Skin.

Holidays and parties go together like New and Year. You have been working on your weight and health to get into that beautiful dress for a special occasion. And you want your body to look awesome. Great!




But is your skin a sin to behold?




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Q & A -- Unacceptable Behavior in Friends

This is a question from a reader and my response:

Rose: In separate incidents, two friends have gotten verbally aggressive in an exchange with me, and both of those friendships are now over.   Unknown to me, the first friend was under a lot of stress financially and with her boyfriend emotionally.  She and I went on a trip to stay at a farm owned by a couple.  She started talking with the man soon after we arrived and continued talking with him, and literally turned…


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"Weakened By Love"

heavenly Light

“Weakened By Love”

Weakened by Love. 

How can that be? 

Energy is free 

and given from the heart of me, 

Divine and pure with no monopoly, 

flowing, unstoppable, as…


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“How Can I Stay Open and Conscious while Being Attacked?”

Here is a question from a reader, named Kelly, and my response.

Kelly:  If you’re really going to be open to people, open to experience, you’re going to be hurt, and I guess you have to learn how to deal with it. So I’ve chosen to live at a warm distance, because my experience of this is that it hurts. How do you handle attacking energy and at the same time live from a vulnerable space?  How can I stay open and conscious, in the face of attack? 

Jane:  Your…


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Enlightenment is a Fairy Tale

Becoming enlightened is a fairytale, because the truth is, you already are

There is nothing you can want to be that you aren’t already

All peace, all Love and all luminosity is already within you

All you have to do is fully embrace the truth of who you are

This requires no…


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In your eyes I see the planets

I see everything

In your eyes I see heaven and…


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The Real World

It is always there, beneath the surface.

It is there when we are fighting with each other.

It is there under irritations and boredom.

It is there when we are treading water,

trying to avoid what is true.

It is under the masks of

hatred and unconscious oblivion.

It is there when the only thing that seems to exist

is misery and pain.

Oh so real seem the terrorists, the dictators,

the ethnic conflicts that never seem to cease,



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“What Can I Count on for Stability in my Relationships?”

Henry (not real name) is an NLP TimeLine counseling client of mine. He is in a relationship that isn’t working out well for him, but has kept clinging onto it as a source of safety and stability. He has had many childhood limiting decisions*  come up in sessions, over having been abandoned by his mother and then adopted.

Henry: What can I count on for…


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“My Relationship is Ruined because I Slapped Her”

Julian is a client of mine (not real name).  The below dialog is during an NLP TimeLine counseling session.

Julian: I had a fight with my girlfriend.  Both of us got out of control, and it became violent and I slapped her in the face and she called the police.  I didn’t tell the police I slapped her or it would have given me a record, and she was acting so irrationally that they didn’t assume it was my fault.  But I feel I deserve whatever punishment they might give me…


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"I Can no Longer Control the Environment I Live In"

This is from an NLP TimeLine session with a client.  Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.

Sarah:  I’m overwhelmed by what is happening in my life now with my boyfriend.  I used to be able to control the environment I live in, and find ways to keep myself emotionally stable and my finances in order.  But now as the relationship gets more involved there seems no place of security or stability left for me.  We are frequently emotionally triggered by each other,…


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Candida Treatment Essentials: Treat Candida Successfully

What are the candida treatment essentials to help ensure success in treat candida? Treating candida successfully requires some basic knowledge that most websites and practitioners never address. Unfortunately, many of the candida treatment sites found on the Internet focus more on sales and very little on education. With candida, education is very important as medical doctors aren't receiving any training on candida in school, which leaves a large gap in knowledge that creates a lot of…


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Use Antibiotics, Get Candida!

Use antibiotics, Get Candida! It’s as simple as that. It’s what I’ve been saying for a couple of decades, now. It takes a while for science to catch up to what is already known by many people through observation and personal experience. The University of Chicago  study below is a good example of that. It’s good to finally see science demonstrating what we already know about candida and antibiotics – “Take antibiotics and you’ll get candida!”

Although a well-functioning human…


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Reasons For The Creation

Part of this article came from a blog on Lennyblogs from 14 January 2014…


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Say Yes!

Even though it scares me I say YES

Even though the pit of my stomach drops, like driving fast over a dip in the road, I say YES

Even though the thought of a room full of people looking to me for answers makes me sweat, I say YES

Even though I still have my own negative chatter from time to time, I say YES

Even though someone is sure to criticize me, I say YES

Even though what I say may not reach or inspire everyone who hears it, I say YES

Even though…


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How to Write a Valuable Blog Post that Gets Published and Read by the Community

Started by The Panacea Community in News and Community Information. Last reply by Nathan Crane Aug 2, 2014. 4 Replies

Blog posts are a great way to share valuable information with the community while increasing your presence as an author, speaker, or expert in your industry.As a blog writer, you can be considered an expert in your field when you share practical how-to information based on a specific category, or by writing about specific news topics and how that can positively impact people's lives.Every week we will take the top 7 blog articles and send them out in our newsletter and social media sites, going…Continue

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Lightning in a Bottle Returns to California

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Immediate ReleaseMarch 17, 2014  Moby, Little Dragon, Phantogram & Gramatik to Headline Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2014! The music lineup for the 9th annual Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festival has been announced, featuring Moby, Little Dragon, Phantogram, Gramatik, Beats Antique, Amon Tobin, Baauer, Gold Panda, Simian Mobile Disco, Claude VonStroke and more!  This internationally renowned transformative experience also includes the sounds of The Polish Ambassador, Damian…Continue

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Peters Organic World - Rich Healthy Compost, Worm Castings, and Compost Tea

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Peters Organic World is the leader, specializing in providing high nutrient density worm  castings, compost, compost tea, natural organic soil building amendments and natural fertilizers for gardens, farms, landscapers, nurseries, grasses, and hydroponics. Our plant health care is truly different than most because of our focused approach to living soil which  …Continue

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Free Video Series on Healing Cancer Naturally

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Leading Experts and Doctors Share Their Newest Discoveries About Cancer and How to Prevent, Heal, and Possibly Reverse its Debilitating EffectsIf you or a…Continue

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Panacea Publishing, Inc. - A Conscious Publishing Community

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 Panacea Publishing Inc., a division of The Panacea Community, is a one of a kind full scale Conscious Publishing Company.Panacea means, “the solution to all diseases, sickness, and ailments.”  Therefore in accordance with our name, we are dedicated to finding and sharing powerful solutions to help hundreds of millions of people reverse disease, enjoy health, and…Continue

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Freedom from What? Excerpt from Alan Cohen

Started by Nathan Crane in News and Community Information. Last reply by Helga Danielsen Jul 4, 2013. 1 Reply

In the film Broadcast News, a neophyte reporter who is intensely happy, asks a veteran newsman what to do when your real life exceeds your dreams. The elder tells the fellow to just keep it to himself.The oddest effect of happiness is that other people are annoyed by it. Misery does love company, so a joyful person poses a threat to those steeped in sorrow. This is so for several reasons:First, people who perceive a reward for being lost, sick, alone, poor, or victimized have an investment in…Continue

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Energize Your Divine Connection with Cristina Smith

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We have just completed the third class in the first month and tribe of our 13 month coaching program! Today, Cristina Smith, showed us how to connect with the Perfection of Our Higher Self.We put together a free sample replay of Cristina's call here so you can get a sense and feel of how powerful this coaching program truly is.DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TO CRISTINA'S SAMPLE CALL HERE…Continue

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Breaking the Code – Receiving the Divine Guidance Encoded in Every Dream with David Dibble

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We have just completed the third class in the first month and tribe of our 13 month coaching program! Last week David Dibble, author and creator of New DreamWork, showed us how we can understand the deeper meaning of our dreams.We put together a free sample replay of David's call here so you can get a sense and feel of how powerful this coaching program truly is.DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TO…Continue

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Thank you

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I feel extremely blessed to be part of this amazing community of travelers. I intend to learn and grow as much as possible and to contribute whenever possible.Continue




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